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R1b & Yamnaya Culture History

Yamnaya Genetics: DNA from the remains of nine individuals associated with the Yamna culture from Samara Oblast and Orenburg Oblast has been analyzed. The remains have been dated to 2700–3339 BCE. Y-chromosome sequencing revealed that one of the individuals belonged to haplogroup R1b1-P25 (the subclade could not be determined), one individual belonged to haplogroup R1b1a2a-L23 […]

R1b entering Europe

When R1b people entered Europe and brought the Bronze Age, “They replaced the old Neolithic farming cultures with their completely new perception of family, property and personhood”. Source: Professor Kristian Kristiansen of the University of Gothenburg. The re-writing of the genetic map [of Europe] began in the early Bronze Age, about 5,000 years ago. From the steppes in […]