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From R1b to R1b-DF27 and beyond

Y-DNA Haplogroup R1b-DF27: The Bronze Age started in Mesopotamian and helped spread ~7,000 years ago in R1b1a areas between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, which fueled a rapid expansion into Europe, replacing the existing Iron Age farming cultures… (The Black Sea flooded-in ~10,000 years ago when the Mediterranean Sea rose rapidly [see UNESCO study, 2009]) R1b consisted of […]

Welcome to!

Welcome to the new website, focusing on the Y-DNA Haplogroup DF27, a sub group of the large R1b Haplogroup. R1b  (aka M343)… (formed 22,400 years ago) > M269 (aka R1b1a2)… (formed 15,200 years ago) >> P312 (formed 6,000 years ago) >>> L21 (formed 5,800 years ago) >>> U152 >>> DF19 >>> DF27 (formed ~4600 YBP / […]

DF27 Subclades

Subclades of Y-DNA Haplogroup DF27: – Z209 North-south cluster — M153+ Basques (subclade of the Z209) – Z209 is scattered from north to south (or south to north.) – Z195/Z196 — Z198 — L176.2 which can be broken further into the large —- SRY2627 Iberian —- L165 EthnoAncestry tags as Norse