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DF27 in relation to R1b-P312

DF27 has no known phylogenetic equivalents at this time. This implies that the first DF27+ male was born not long after the P312+ most recent common ancestor. The P312 ancestor could easily have been a great-grandfather or even closer in relation to the first DF27+ male.

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Welcome! If you are researching the male line of Y-DNA Haplogroups DF27, a subgroup of the R1b, I hope you find this site helpful. If you have tested positive for R1b, or DF27, or any of it’s subgroups, please use the links below to determine your unique haplogroup and submit your results to our Yahoo […]

From R1b to R1b-DF27 and beyond

Y-DNA Haplogroup R1b-DF27: The Bronze Age started in Mesopotamian and helped spread ~7,000 years ago in R1b1a areas between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, which fueled a rapid expansion into Europe, replacing the existing Iron Age farming cultures… (The Black Sea flooded-in ~10,000 years ago when the Mediterranean Sea rose rapidly [see UNESCO study, 2009]) R1b consisted of […]

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Welcome to the new website, focusing on the Y-DNA Haplogroup DF27, a sub group of the large R1b Haplogroup. R1b  (aka M343)… (formed 22,400 years ago) > M269 (aka R1b1a2)… (formed 15,200 years ago) >> P312 (formed 6,000 years ago) >>> L21 (formed 5,800 years ago) >>> U152 >>> DF19 >>> DF27 (formed ~4600 YBP / […]

DF27 Subclades

Subclades of Y-DNA Haplogroup DF27: – Z209 North-south cluster — M153+ Basques (subclade of the Z209) – Z209 is scattered from north to south (or south to north.) – Z195/Z196 — Z198 — L176.2 which can be broken further into the large —- SRY2627 Iberian —- L165 EthnoAncestry tags as Norse

Iberian DF27 – ~2000 BCE

The Gascon & Iberian branch (DF27) The Bronze Age did not appear in Iberia until 1800 BCE, and was mostly confined to the cultures of El Argar and Los Millares in south-east Spain, with sporadic sites showing up in Castile by 1700 BCE and in Extremadura and southern Portugal by 1500 BCE. These Early Bronze […]