DNA Testing and YOU

If you have tested positive for R1b, or DF27, or any of it’s subgroups, please use the links below to determine your unique haplogroup and submit your results to our Yahoo group and please include your results on FTDNA’s website.

Y-DNA Trees (constantly updated!):
The Big Y-DNA Tree – www.YTree.net
ISOGG Y-DNA Tree – www.isogg.org/tree
YFull Y-DNA Tree – www.YFull.com/tree/ (includes approx. dates of mutations)

Y-DNA Testing Websites (recommended):
YSEQ.net – Testing facility for specific Y-DNA markers.
FamilyTreeDNA.com – Testing facility for generic Y-DNA markers and specific Member Groups.
FullGenomes.com – Full Genomes DNA Sequencing –

Y-DNA Research Tools:
Y Browse – ybrowse.isogg.org – use to research mutations and other DNA information
Eupedia – eupedia.com – use to research DNA Haplogroup history and news

DR27 Yahoo Group – https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/R1b-DF27-Project/info