R1b entering Europe

When R1b people entered Europe and brought the Bronze Age, “They replaced the old Neolithic farming cultures with their┬ácompletely new perception of family, property and personhood”.┬áSource:┬áProfessor Kristian Kristiansen of the University of Gothenburg.

The re-writing of the genetic map [of Europe] began in the early Bronze Age, about 5,000 years ago. From the steppes in the Caucasus, the Yamnaya Culture (R1b) migrated principally westward into North- and Central Europe, and to a lesser degree, into western Siberia. Yamnaya was characterized by a new system of family and property. In northern Europe the Yamnaya mixed with the Stone Age people who inhabited this region and along the way established the Corded Ware Culture, which genetically speaking resembles present day Europeans living north of the Alps today.


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